1913: Argentina and Chile | 1934: Uruguay

1948: Peru : 1949: Puerto Rico

1952: Brazil and Dominican Republic

1953: Venezuela | 1955: United States

1965: Colombia | 1987: Bolivia

1993: Cuba | 2006: Haiti

Vedruna walks itinerant, in the manner of Joaquina, without rejecting any frontier on the map of humanity. We arrive in America and find communities full of life and creativity, struggling for survival and contemplating how the abyss of growing inequality is deepening; with a young Church that wants to accompany the people towards their liberation.


On the road with the people

We promote the Vedruna presence through education, pastoral work, social work and the accompaniment and care of the elderly, with the support of teachers, young missionaries and lay people in the different countries of America.





Of minors

Solidarity actions

With Oasis

Common pots

In Peru, Lima

Training meetings

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