Brazil- São Félix do Araguaia- Getting ready to experience Christmas

In São Félix do Araguaia, on December 3, we had a wonderful retreat, preparing for the coming of Jesus.

The entire Christian community was invited and 142 people participated, mostly young people and teenagers, many of them preparing to receive Confirmation.

We distributed the biblical quotations, I made a brief commentary on the texts and then each person read them personally, dedicating some time to meditate on them and converse with the two central characters in Advent: Jesus and Mary.

For this moment, each one sought his own space, in order to favor silence and help reflection, which was very successful. We had two strong moments of personal encounter with the Word, in the morning and in the afternoon, followed by a free sharing.

The evaluation was a rich and profound moment where everyone expressed what had impacted them the most and what they took home in their minds and hearts.

Praise God for all those teenagers, young people and adults, who can celebrate Advent more deeply and hand in hand with Mary.

Sr. Socorro Millán, CCV