Called to be beacons of light in the midst of so much darkness in Brazil, Maringá.

On January 31, with the support of the management and coordination team, the Pastoral Team took the teachers and educators to experience a different day…

In a place full of spirituality, in the middle of nature and without Internet connection, everyone was invited to connect with themselves through personal reflections and the life of St. Joaquina de Vedruna. They were invited to take off their shoes, recalling the story of Moses, who took off his shoes when he heard the call “take off your sandals from your feet, for the ground you are treading on is holy”, to express, with this gesture, what each one needs to leave in their lives to be transformed by the Lord.

In the light of the letters written by St. Joaquina, the team reflected and delved into the 7 virtues of the loving leader, virtues that permeated all phases of the life of our Patron Saint: loving, trusting, supportive, patient, resilient, discreet and communicative. It was a moment to reflect, share, dialogue and deepen the knowledge and experiences of our pedagogical and relational practice, based on the life experience that Joaquina left us.

We live the day with great pleasure, depth and productivity.

We thank God for starting one more cycle together, confident that with Joaquina’s love and the joy she inspires in us, we will have an amazing 2024 school year!

Like Joaquina, may we be a beacon in the lives of others and may our lives be a reflection of God’s love!

Prof. Tania Regina Lucena