Dominican Republic, Cuba and Haiti – Together we plan the way forward

On December 27-29, the sisters of the Dominican Republic and Cuba met in assembly. Haiti, due to border problems, could not be physically present, but was present in our prayers, hearts and reflections. From the provincial team, we were accompanied by Sr. Noeli Massoni.

Together, we had the opportunity to approach and reflect on the social, political, religious and economic context in which our countries are immersed. Very diverse and complex realities and where, as always, the most affected are those who live in the most vulnerable conditions.

We received the chapter document “Born Again” with great enthusiasm and good cheer. We skim through it, familiarize ourselves with it and from a moment of prolonged prayer, we pray the first chapter, with the disposition to discover what is new that is offered to us and from there prune and let it bloom. The place, with its cool climate, full of flowers and spaciousness, facilitated prayer and reflection.

We established the priorities and lines of action to be promoted until the next assembly: vocational culture and being born again in our communities. Promoting spaces for joint programming and evaluation of the processes.

We can only thank this “God with us” for the gift of these days, the shared joy, the dreams, challenges and hopes that move us to continue giving our lives in the midst of the most disadvantaged and committing ourselves to prepare our spirit and attitudes to be “Born Again”.

Belky Hernández, CCV