From Zuera Prison (Spain) with love

Zuera is a prison located 30 km from Zaragoza. (Europe) Well hidden, so as not to disturb anyone. From the outside, it can be scary, but when you walk through its doors and meet the inmates, the understanding and the look changes.

Today I bring you to our Vedruna family, because the fruit of the tenacity of their chaplain Don. Raúl Revilla, Passionist, and from their efforts, men and women, they have recorded a CD. They are religious songs, from the Eucharist on Sundays, a small group that knew music and its director Artur, was in charge of most of the songs, a collaborative work that we report today. His album has already been released. This month of June, it has seen the light, to the joy of inmates, family members, some officials and above all, volunteers.

The image shown is the cover of the C.D. We look forward to sharing it.

We are grateful for the effort and rehearsal times, the kindness of officials to call them and so many other gestures that have made this possible. Maybe after reading these lines, we change our image of interns and remember that anyone can have a bad moment and end up here.

For me, they are not a number, they have concrete faces, painful stories and smiles that show in greetings.

This is good news. We can all change. Let us remember what Jesus says: “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”. Jn 8:7. It is worthwhile for us to work for measures to help alleviate many of their mental illnesses. More resources are needed so that many of their pathologies can be detected, accompanied and when they return to the street, they are “rehabilitated”.

“Let us continue to listen to the cries, with our feet on the ground.” I and M.

Rosa Maria Gurria

Arrival at the entrance of Zuera Prison (Zaragoza, SPAIN)