KEKELI center joins COP28 efforts in Lomé, Togo

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), which brought together representatives from various countries in Dubai to address measures aimed at reducing the effects of climate change on the environment, saw the outstanding participation of the KEKELI Center from afar. This center is committed to creating an environment conducive to a better quality of life for the citizens of the Hanoukopé neighborhood of Lomé (Togo). It should be noted that the center’s concern is not limited to children.

Prior to COP28, in partnership with the Hanoukopé Neighborhood Development Committee (CDQ), the KEKELI Center mobilized 96 adults and young people on the 9th of this month for a day dedicated to cleaning up the neighborhood. With the presence of tools such as hoes, shears and sweepers, a joint work was carried out, with the active participation of motivated inspectors, representatives of the Hanoukopé CDQ and members of the center itself. The activity began with an awareness-raising phase on the importance of maintaining a clean environment.

Considering that one of the main objectives of COP28 is the elimination of fossil fuels from the environment, the central activity of the day consisted of cleaning up areas contaminated with plastic waste scattered along roads, railways and markets, starting this initiative from the KEKELI center itself. For two hours, participants worked hard to preserve a clean and healthy environment.

As a gesture of appreciation, snacks were distributed to all those who contributed to keeping the environment clean. The KEKELI Center is willing to participate again in future similar initiatives, reaffirming its commitment to sustainability and community well-being.