New Government Team in the Carmelite Congregation of Carmelitas de la Caridad Vedruna

Today, August 5, 2023, we are pleased to announce the names of the sisters who have been elected to lead our Congregation for the next six years.

Our Sister General is Mª Teresa Cuervo. She was elected last Thursday. Accompanying her in her mission, the Board will be composed of:

  • María José Meira, member of the former General Council
  • María Irizar, of the Provincial Team of the Province of Europe
  • Fatima Borges, a member of the previous General Council
  • Magdalen D’Acosta, from the Provincial Team of India

We ask for your prayers that his government may be fruitful and that the whole Congregation may respond with generosity and hope to the new challenges of our religious life, in tune with the demands of the reality around us.