200 years serving the most vulnerable

We were born in Vic (Barcelona) serving the most impoverished and excluded people.
Today we are going from strength to strength all over the world.

Joaquina de Vedruna

From the small

The Vedruna Family has its origin in Joaquina de Vedruna, a believing woman who, moved by the desire to embrace all the needs of the people and to give glory to God.

He began a project that combined dedication to God and service to the most needy. Like all great works, the start was simpleShe welcomed into her home nine young women who shared the same call and together they embarked on a new way of active religious life as Carmelites of Charity, serving the most impoverished and excluded people who, at the time, had the faces of girls, women and the sick.



1783 | Birth

On April 16, Joaquina de Vedruna was born in Barcelona.

1799 | Marriage

On March 24, Joaquina’s marriage to Teodoro de Mas is celebrated.

1816 | Widowhood

Teodoro dies and Joaquina is left with 6 of the 9 children they had together.

1822 | Exile

Because of the war, Joaquina went into exile in Prades (France) with her family for 8 months.

1826 | Foundation

On January 6, Joaquina made her religious profession. On February 26, she founded the Carmelite Congregation of the Vedruna Charity.

1840 | Exile

Because of the war, Joaquina went into exile in Perpignan (France) with 15 sisters for 3 years.

1854 | Death

On August 28, Joaquina fell ill and died at the age of 71, accompanied by her sisters, entrusting the Vedruna Family to their care. Leaving 30 Vedruna communities scattered throughout Catalonia.

1912 | America

1st foundation in America: El Plata Argentina.

1948 | Asia

1st foundation in Asia: Kobe Japan.

1957 | Africa

1st foundation in Africa: Kimbau D.R. Congo.

1959 | Canonization

On April 12, the Church recognizes Joaquina as a Saint. It is celebrated on May 22.

To the world

Today, this Vedruna Family, formed by women and men, religious and lay, followers of Jesus, we are in four continents (Europe, Asia, America and Africa) and, feeling that we are heirs of this Charism, we wish to continue to respond to the current emergencies of our world, such as migration, youth, promotion of women, education, health and integral ecology.