The children and adolescents of the Vedruna Assistance Center celebrate May 22 with Joaquina, the parish community and even magic.

The Formation community of Campinas, S.P., joyfully celebrated the feast of St. Joaquina at different times.

They say that the great festivities are known by their eve, so the day before we had the celebration of the mass with the people of St. Monica Parish that they prepared with great enthusiasm.

On the 22nd we celebrated it at the Vedruna Welfare Center with the educators, workers and students of the two shifts: morning and afternoon.

As Joaquina is the Patroness of the Center, everyone participated with great enthusiasm and excitement, both because of the preparation done previously and because of the affection they have for her as a messenger of love.

The day’s program consisted of a hearty breakfast and a festive lunch for the children, workers and educators. The celebration began with a moment of prayer/reflection and the song “we are Vedruna, we are family…”. We then received the visit of St. Joaquina represented by Sr. Socorro, surprising the students who interacted with various questions asking Joaquina about her life, work and how she came to Brazil. Joining the families of all, we pray the Our Father. We ended the celebration with the song “messenger of love”.

Then, the festive part with the presence of the volunteer Isac who, playing the role of a magician, provided the children and all those present, moments of great joy and enthusiasm making us very funny magics.

We ended the day with our hearts grateful and burning with joy, feeling that Joaquina saw that everything was very good.

Sr. María López Otero