Vedrunamerica. Vedruna Family united in prayer for Haiti

Responding to the call made by CLAR and seconded by the Congregation, we raise our prayer for Haiti, in the 11 countries of America where the Congregation is present, from the different instances of schools, communities, groups… and at different times.

We feel part of the same reality, of the same continent, of the same history of journey, of struggle, of search for identity as a people.

What is happening to Haiti hurts our hearts, we feel our hearts hurt and we know that we must do something, without waiting for others to do. Each of us will contribute our grain of sand so that this situation of uncontrolled violence, of suffocation of the lives of the smallest and most vulnerable may be reversed and, among all of us, we may find ways to find a solution for peace, for the reorganization of public bodies, for governance, for the reconstruction of the country, at this time in the hands of armed gangs that sow chaos, violence and fear.

We dream of a free country, where everyone has access to education, health, food, a decent home, and a job that allows them to survive and live with dignity.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, patroness of Haiti, accompany this people, banish violence and raise the rulers and international solidarity that your sons and daughters need at this time!

Sr. Isabel Miguélez, CCV