Walking with young people

“The Congregation reaffirms the preferential option for young people”. We value the process experienced as a family and the creativity of many communities in responding to the commitment made.

Since our beginnings, young people have been part of our journey, we meet those who live in particularly harsh conditions: exclusion, victims of exploitation, without family, without access to education, unemployed young people, those who do not find meaning in life…. We are aware of the multicultural nature of the world of young people: they live in a complex reality, in constant change; the digital world is for them a place of life, with opportunities and risks, where we want to be present to accompany and help them.

Mission and objective

We believe that all young people, without exception, have the right to be accompanied on their journey. Therefore, we must expand the space of our home, going beyond the known, following Jesus who knew how to relate to Jews and Samaritans, Greeks and Romans. We are urged to “listen and understand their concerns and learn to speak to them in the language they understand “62.