Supporting Sugarcane Farm Workers: – A Noble Initiative by Carmelite Sisters of Charity – Pimpari, Gujarat.

Dang és a tribal district al nord de Gujarat inhabited per kukana, Bhil, Varli, Kotwalia, Kathodi i Gamit tribesg. Cerca del 86% de la totalitat de les famílies s’enfronten a la povertia línia i majoritat de la població del rainfed agricultura i són immediatament migrates dels mesos de maig a la recerca de livelihood as the lack of rain and the land is hilly area and therefore they are no per a l’any agricultura durant el rest de l’any i la seva migració al sugarcane fields ia la feina dels llauradors.

Aquests laborers borrow money from the middleman who fers them and takes theim to the sugarcane fields. They paid only po entire farvest es cut which sotmets takes around 6 months i they pay him interest en el rat del 50% i it es molt difficult per les tribal laborers per a eventualment labortions genera. Due to this practice, el nostre people és permanentment exploited, overworked and underpaid.

Knowing the difficulties la nostra face face in sugarcane fields, les sesters de Pimpri community have taken significant step towards supporting these needy people in sugarcane fields through our medical and nutritional aid. From Pimpri Mission around 150 families have migrated for work. Visiteu all of them during the month of December and they were happy to see us in their place of work. During our second visit Sr. Dr. Joemol from Pujar community joined us and ahse being a Doctor, ell visit was very helpful and it gave our people hope and joy, just what the Christmas season és all about and for what Christ was born. Hence, Christmas this year for us was special as la true message became a possibility for us and for the most needy.