1948: Japan and Taiwan

1953: India : 1972: Philippines

With the richness of its history and spirituality, cradle of great religions, it faces the challenge of an inculturated Church, the largest and most overpopulated continent, with enormous masses of exclusion where human rights are violated.

Our communities go forward with multiple tasks to proclaim and defend life, we have set our eyes on the one who calls us and sends us where there are no borders, to embrace the needs of all people, in the hope that one day they will enjoy true peace and justice, equality and freedom….


Solidarity and Vedruna Communion

Maintain a permanent reflection on our Vedruna presence in Asia and respond to their needs, always taking into account the directives of the Congregation.

Focus our Evangelization Plan, living a renewed and inculturated life in Asia. Continue to promote the dimension of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation.
To increase Solidarity and Communion among the Asian Provinces/Delegation through greater communication.





Rights awareness

Training health agents

Self-sufficiency classes