1957: D.R.Congo | 1980: Equatorial Guinea

1989: Gabon : 1999: Ceuta

2004: Togo : 2009: Tangier

With a desire to be recognized in its dignity and to be part of the concert of history; a land of joyful and welcoming people, with great natural wealth but crushed by wars and plundered by corruption from within and without.


Next to the village

“I desire to work for the glory of God and the good of my neighbor.” Joaquina de Vedruna.

… a desire that is unfolding in Africa through the commitment of the sisters to the people, women and children.





Training of women health agents


Protection of child/adolescent victims of abuse and trafficking


Accompaniment of children in street situations

D.R. Congo and Guinea

Education of youth and children in schools and high schools