Family spirit

Joaquina, before becoming a nun, was a mother.

It marked a concrete style in our ecclesial group. We are FAMILY and this means that, in our environments, we breathe joy, welcome and accompaniment, from the
pedagogy of love
that Joaquina taught us.

A family

Diverse and universal

She experienced
that her arms were lengthening
And that today becomes a reality in this plural Family, made up of many members, where each and every one of us is part of it, from the attachment to which we feel called. Thus, in our Family today we can identify different groups: Sisters, Lay people, Volunteers, Educators, Social, Health or Pastoral Agents… Friends with whom we share our mission and sense of Family. Thanks to the growing interconnectedness among these individuals and groups, we experience our Family as universal.

On departure

We hope that God will always be at the center of our Family, as Joaquina sought. It is He, experienced as the Father/Mother who loves us, who makes us all sisters and gives us the Common Home that we inhabit and that we are called to care for. This leads us to strengthen the networked journey together with other Families, to live “going out” and to place ourselves especially at the side of those who are on the geographical and existential frontiers and peripheries. In harmony with Pope Francis, we wish to
to transform these spaces into privileged meeting places, where the miracle of an ever greater WE can flourish.