Laity “Alfareras del Amor” of Melipilla celebrated St. Joaquina de Vedruna Day and thanked the Sisters of Melipilla for their centenary of service.

On the day of the celebration of “Saint Joaquina de Vedruna”, the Laity “Alfareras del Amor” of Melipilla sent fraternal greetings to all the Vedruna Family of Chile and the world: lay and religious communities, educational and health centers. They also expressed their gratitude to the Carmelite Sisters of Melipilla for their centenary of service and love in the delivery of their Charism.

This year, the centenary of the presence of the Carmelite Sisters in the city of Melipilla was celebrated. The “Alfareras del Amor” Laity wanted to pay tribute to these women who left a significant mark on the community. Their dedication and devotion left a deep impression on the city and were a living testimony of Vedruna values.

During the Eucharist of the Centennial Celebration, which took place last Saturday, May 20, in the Cathedral of Melipilla, members of the Laity and other attendees joyfully sang the traditional song to their Holy Mother Joaquina de Vedruna. The event was a special occasion to remember and celebrate the life and legacy of St. Joaquina, whose inspiration continues to be relevant today.

The Laity “Potters of Love” expressed their desire that more people follow the example of St. Joaquina de Vedruna, who was recognized for her kindness, generosity and dedication to the service of others. Her motto, “Saint Joaquina, we need people like you,” serves as a constant reminder of the importance of following her teachings and values in today’s world.

The Laity “Alfareras del Amor” of Melipilla hopes that this celebration and expression of gratitude will inspire others to continue the legacy of love and service of St. Joaquina de Vedruna, and that her example will live on in the community of Melipilla and beyond.

María Inés Astudillo, LV