The Vedruna Volunteers transform lives in the A.H. Jesus Maria

Monday, January 15, 2024 will be marked as a transcendental day for the Christian community of the Jesus Maria Human Settlement (H.A.), thanks to the opening of the “English Workshop” for children from 6 to 15 years of age in Sullana, Peru.

This enriching workshop, organized by the “Voluntariado Vedruna” group, aims to provide quality education free of charge during the vacation months. The inauguration was celebrated with an emotional ceremony in the presence of the parish priest and Sr. Andrés Muñoz, president of the Pastoral Council of the Holy Family Chapel, located in Jesús María, where the activities will take place.

The course will be available Monday through Friday, benefiting children in the community. In addition to the English Workshop, the Vedruna Volunteers are also coordinating another crucial and much needed service for this community: free legal advice for low-income families, addressing family, civil and criminal issues, provided by a lawyer specialized in these fields.

Both the English course and the legal advice will be carried out by specialized people from the Vedruna Volunteers group, thus consolidating a social commitment that contributes to the integral wellbeing of the community of Jesús María.