70 years of history in Venezuela: Joaquina travels with the people through the streets and towns of the country.

“My wish is that you take advantage of the time you have. Let us work while we have time which, however long it may be, is short.” Epistolary 147

During this month of May, the educational centers of the country are carrying out various activities to celebrate, pray, reflect, share the joy of educating in the Vedruna style in every corner of the extension of our country.

Each center planned, with the whole educational community, different activities, according to its reality, to be carried out one day a week during the whole month or for a whole week, in the cultural, pedagogical, religious, pastoral, festive areas…..

What a joy to see all the centers united in this story that wants to travel in a simple way the path of fidelity to the Lord in the construction of a more just and humane society, of a group of women who, throughout 70 years, have been walking, sowing their lives, taking root in every corner they have set foot, mixing and becoming one more with their yearnings and hopes, with the joy and idiosyncrasy of this Venezuelan people!

To remember also in the centers the personnel who have passed and contributed from their lives in the educational dimension, in so many populations, because here and now what St. Joaquina said becomes a reality: “I feel that my arms are stretched out and a multitude of sisters reach her”.

The experiences of commitment, the testimony of dedication and enthusiasm of all the sisters, teachers, students, all the families, are reaffirmed in the treatment and welcome of the people when you see reflected the work that is being done with the updating of the PEV (Vedruna Educational Proposal) in the pedagogical-pastoral motto that gives life to the pastoral work that is developed each year, because we are convinced of the message that Joaquina continues to tell us today “God grant us the grace that in my spiritual children may reign only the virtues of charity, docility and true humility, born of a whole heart of Jesus.”

We remember and want to bring to life the words of Pope Francis: “This is how we must continue: all together, each one as he is, but always looking forward together, towards the construction of a civilization of harmony, of unity, where there is no place for this virulent pandemic of the throwaway culture”. Pope Francis

Professor Giclis Santamaría