75 Years of Gratitude: Celebrating Vedruna Life and History in Sullana, Peru

In Sullana, Peru, on September 6, the legacy of the Carmelite Sisters of Charity Vedruna, who have been committed to the community for 75 years, was celebrated with great emotion and gratitude. This anniversary is a testimony to the deep vocation of the sisters to proclaim the Kingdom of God, following the example of Jesus: “You must go to other cities to proclaim the Kingdom of God.” . And the inspiration of Joaquina, who echoes these words “I would like to remedy the needs of all peoples.” .

“To remember, to be grateful for the life and history of Vedruna is to discover the spring that flows and runs in these villages”.

In 1948, these brave sisters arrived in Peruvian soil, which they considered “blessed soil”. To commemorate this significant milestone, former teachers and employees of the Santa Ursula and Fe y Alegría 18 schools, two educational institutions in which the sisters have left an indelible mark, were invited to this meeting. It was a warm and endearing encounter.

What surprise, joy and gratitude were felt by all the guests! They shared hugs full of meaning after such a long time without seeing each other. The event, characteristic of the Vedruna essence, was simple and close, impregnated with memories and gratitude, and with the desire to meet again in the future.

The day included a moving account of the arrival of the Vedruna family in Peru and the development of the different communities over the years. Tribute was paid to the beloved sisters who are no longer physically present but whose influence lives on, sowing the seed of the Vedruna charism in daily life.

This meeting left a deep sense of joy, gratitude and renewed determination in the educational work of the sisters, as well as the desire to continue celebrating their life and mission in the community.

Sisters of the 9 de Octubre Community – Sullana