Bolivia- Meetings of the laity that identify us, strengthen us and leave their mark

Last December 2, the two Vedruna lay communities (Cochabamba and Oruro) met after several years, marking a significant reunion that had been postponed due to the pandemic. The meeting generated an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie among the participants.

The central axis of the meeting was the reflection on Christianity from the lay perspective, exploring this approach both from the Bible and from the Vedruna charism. The discussion was enriching and revealing, highlighting the importance of analyzing the role of the laity in the Christian tradition.

During the biblical reflection, it was noted with surprise that the presence and relevance of the laity in the Christian community is already evident in the Holy Scriptures. This discovery generated a renewed sense of identity and belonging among the participants, as they recognized that their role as lay people has deep roots in biblical history.

Likewise, the topic was approached from the perspective of the Vedruna charism, highlighting the spiritual connection and commitment of the laity to the values and principles that characterize this tradition. The practical application of the charism in the daily life of the laity was the object of reflection, promoting a sense of responsibility and active participation in the shared mission.

The meeting not only provided a space for theological reflection, but also strengthened the fraternal bonds among the participants. The community experienced a rebirth of spiritual connection and a renewal of shared commitment to the Vedruna mission.

This meeting was an important milestone for the Vedruna lay communities, marked by the joy of the reunion, the enriching reflection on the role of the laity in Christianity, and the revitalization of the commitment to the Vedruna charism in daily life. This event leaves a positive and lasting impression on the community, strengthening its identity and its commitment to faith and shared mission.

Karla Baldivián, LV