Celebrations in honor of Santa Joaquina de Vedruna in the Bella Vista neighborhood, Venezuela

On May 21, the residents of Bella Vista Neighborhood, Aragua State, celebrated the decree granted to Saint Joaquina de Vedruna as Co-Patroness of the Parish “Nuestra Señora del Valle”, issued by Bishop Enrique Parravano of the Diocese of Aragua, being the first parish in the country to have this appointment.

This great news was celebrated by the whole neighborhood a month before the official decree. Since April 20, various pastoral activities have been carried out to make Joaquina’s life and work known.

In the afternoon, the image and the relic visited more than 25 homes, taking advantage of the opportunity to give a daily talk about his life, because he continues to be a reference that brings us closer to the Good Jesus. Among the topics that were explored in depth were “Joaquina mother, Emigration in Joaquina’s time, Vedruna healing mood, Family conflicts in Joaquina’s life…”

In the mornings, they visited all the educational centers in the neighborhood. The reception given by the students through dances, songs, plays, musical band… was very significant.

On weekends, other towns that are part of the Parish were visited – Múcura I and II, La Majada, Gamarra, and Santa María.

And, during the novena, masses were held in the streets of the neighborhood, with the participation of the neighbors, who took the opportunity to request a visit to their homes for 2025.

For us, the Sisters of Venezuela, this appointment of St. Joaquina as co-patroness has been a gift from God in the framework of the 70th anniversary of our presence in the country. It is an example of how the seed of Vedruna identity is bearing fruit.

The Christian community claimed the presence of the image in the church, so now they say with certainty, “no one will take her out of the Parish”, has been a request of the community and is decreed as a symbol of justice and love that the Sisters have given to the neighborhood for so many years, since its foundation.

Sr. Yulian Reyes Torres, CCV