Commitment to the creation of the Nuevo San Juan Christian community in the Peruvian Amazon jungle.

In the Nuevo San Juan Christian community, located in the Peruvian Amazon jungle, we have demonstrated our commitment to Creation Time by joining the global initiative for the care and protection of Pachamama.

Our dedication was manifested in two significant moments. First, we inaugurate the month of creation during the Sunday celebration at the beginning of September. At that meeting, we united in prayer, songs and reflections, and decided to make a gesture in order to contribute, along with many other families and communities, to ensure the welfare of our Amazon and continue to be a river of life. Just as the Ucayali River nourishes and sustains our riverside communities, providing us with food, relieving our thirst and facilitating communication and daily life, we want our actions to become a flow of life that strengthens our region.

Secondly, last Sunday 17th, we carried out another touching action by planting a native tree known as “el caimito”. This tree will grow and provide shelter for the birds, offering a lush and generous shade under which we can rest, protect ourselves from the sun and enjoy moments of encounter.

During this simple but moving ceremony, our Christian community reflected on our actions and mistakes in relation to Creation. We ask forgiveness from the God of life and all Creation for not having taken proper care of it. We also became aware of our role as guardians of humanity, understanding that by protecting the Amazon, we are protecting all human beings.

We ended this special meeting around the tree we had planted, extending our hands in a gesture of commitment and fidelity to the life that is abundantly given to us every day in this land of grace.

Srs. Isabel Miguelez and Leonor Valenzuela CCV