Common pots, an open window to humanization

Since August 2020, the sisters of the community of the El Ermitaño neighborhood, located in North Lima, together with other people from the parish, have been accompanying four common pots.

A long road, many days and a lot of creativity to advance in the accompaniment of these pots because we did not want it to be only a food assistance, but to go beyond, to accompany these communities in the process of organization and search for solutions to their many problems.

In this video we present some of what we are doing, humanizing the spaces, committed to the Platform Laudato Si’ Vedruna, we want to make a space where the “color earth in green hope” look is changed. We are on the way, we want to collaborate with Pacha Mama, we want to get involved, from a small level, in achieving a house for everyone that is habitable and full of color and life.

Thanks to so many people who every day make it possible for us to be here and for the project to move forward and allow us to dream and walk towards a different society.
Sr. Isabel Miguélez