Dreams come true: Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Rural Fe Y Alegría 72 Program

On June 10, the Rural Program of Fe y alegría 72 of Pucallpa joined in a party to celebrate its coming of age: “15 years of creation”.

Looking back at the beginnings, we feel that these 15 years are “a madness come true, a dream fulfilled”.

So we began, dreaming with the hope that our initiative could become a contribution to education in these communities and hamlets that have always been marginalized and forgotten by the city.

These years of continuity of the Project have been marked by the same desire, by the same illusion and, overcoming obstacles and discouragements, the teachers who have been part of the Coordinating Team have made this celebration possible with joy and satisfaction for the task accomplished.

Sometimes it seems to us that the effort made does not correspond to the achievements made, but there are other times when it is encouraging to find students being authorities in their towns, working in a company, occupying a position of responsibility in some entity or simply being responsible citizens in the place where they live, fathers or mothers educating their children with values, who say with pride “I studied in Fe y Alegría in such and such a community or in such and such a hamlet”.

The celebration of these 15 years was a space for thanksgiving and fellowship where most of the members of the network were able to attend, and it was also an opportunity to meet their families, to meet again with teachers who have passed through the network. In short, it was a moment that allowed us to strengthen bonds, remember stories, relax from the week’s work and celebrate with joy the efforts made to make possible an integral education for our children.

Sr. Marita Garcés, CCV