Fe y Alegría Pucallpa to care for the ecology

Since its inception (2008), Fe y alegría Pucallpa has been promoting the care of nature by working with teachers, students, parents and community authorities. To this end, workshops, meetings and awareness campaigns on environmental care and protection have been held.

Thus, in several of the network’s schools, “bolaina and capirona” timber trees have been planted. These trees produce oxygen and purify the air, reduce soil temperature and serve as a refuge for wildlife.
Promoting environmental care is a challenge; it is not easy to create awareness among the riverside population. There are specific cases where communities resort to cutting down trees to generate economic resources in order to meet their basic needs.

Caring for the environment is everyone’s job. Let’s be aware, the future of generations is in danger if we do nothing today!
Sr. Thècle Muzinga, CCV