Meeting of the younger generations

On October 28 and 29 we met in Carabanchel (Madrid) the sisters of the younger generations of the Vedruna Province of Europe. It was our first meeting after the Chapter and we knew that we had much to discuss, reflect on, pray… but we were accompanied by the desire to make our way together.

We began Saturday morning sharing how we felt in this congregational moment, identifying ourselves with candles of different colors, sizes, shapes, light… these were the ones that helped us to put words and one after another we listened from the heart what each one of us was living.

After this first moment, we recalled the proposals that we wanted to make to the Chapter Assembly as younger generations in Europe. We were pleased to see how some of those wishes and expressions were reflected in the chapter document. We echoed what we received and what we felt identified with in what the three sisters of the organizing committee were reading and commenting on.

We then continued to deepen in small groups “the work of discernment of the EVP communities” with the document of the contributions of all the communities. The dynamics we followed helped us to listen to each other deeply. We were able to pray and comment on the findings and challenges of the sisters, allowing the Spirit to speak.

We also delved into the proposals of “the structure of the provincial team” for our provincial moment. On Sunday morning and in a large group, we really shared, not so much what we said to each other, but what came to us, the motions that had arisen in us after having listened to each other.

And for those of you who are reading this, do not think that it was all prayer, dialogue and reflection. The meeting did not miss the festive and informal time where we could laugh in the theater with the play UNA TERAPIA INTEGRAL, the dinner together… and as a final climax, THE EUCHARIST on Sunday. A lot of shared life, a lot of crumbs.

We left the meeting with a lot of reality and great responsibility for the moment we are living as Vedruna province of Europe, trusting and begging TO BE BORN AGAIN, united to ALL THE VEDRUNE FAMILY that wants to make the VEDRUNE CHARISMA alive TODAY.

Eva Ceñal, ccv