Peru: Special Assembly in Festive Spirit

In the good taste of the celebration of the closing of the Jubilee year for the 75 years of Vedruna presence in the country, Sister Marita Garcés, delegate of Peru, inaugurated the assembly that took place from January 15 to 19. This meeting brought together sisters and some laywomen who accompanied us on the first day, while Sister Noeli Massoni of the Provincial Team also joined the meeting.

The analysis of the current reality was the starting point, illuminated by sociologist Pilar Arroyo. With clarity and wisdom, Arroyo presented the economic, political and social context of the country in the American and world context. The critical moment of economic recession, affected by environmental impact, political instability and social conflict, was highlighted. These factors generate a loss of business confidence to invest in the country, directly affecting the most vulnerable groups and significantly increasing the poverty rate.

Sister Birgit Weiler, MMS, consultant theologian to the synod on synodality, drew a parallel between synodality and the latest chapter document “Born Again”. She guided us toward identifying common elements that favor an evolving synodal religious life. He highlighted crucial attitudes for this process, such as the need for listening, co-responsible participation, interrelation and discernment, fundamental for moving towards shared leadership. Spiritual conversation was proposed as a key method. Weiler left suggestive questions in our hearts, such as: what are the shoots of hope that we identify in our lives; how do we welcome diversity among ourselves?

A day of retreat deepened these reflections, preparing us to listen, share and project our life and mission. After Sister Noeli’s presentation on the chapter document “Born Again”, the need to explore it on a personal and community level was recognized in order to make way for the new plan of life and mission of the country, integrating its richness and dynamism.

In an atmosphere of joy, the assembly concluded with the Eucharistic celebration led by Brother Edgar, an emotional closing that reflected the life and mission shared by the sisters, communities and the country as a whole.

Sisters Pilar Rodríguez and Isabel Miguélez, CCV