Peru-Sullana. 75 years of dedicated life: a creative way of knowing, remembering and celebrating

Such an important date as the celebration of 75 years of presence in the country cannot be done in any other way than with simplicity and in a big way.

We share some moments of the different celebrations.

With lay communities

On October 14, the laity of the three communities gathered to celebrate. After giving thanks for so much life given, sisters Emiliana, Celia and Melania invited us to play. What a great surprise, through a puzzle, which invited us to share our reflections, we put it together and thus discovered the history of the Congregation in Peru, since the arrival of the first sisters who set foot on Peruvian soil. We learned aspects we did not know about such a beautiful story.

We also had a time of group reflection on our experience as a lay community: achievements, aspects to improve, elements to integrate. We ended with a delicious lunch where we shared aspects of our personal and community life.

It was a very valuable time to learn, remember and share experiences, leaving stronger and more confident in our vocation to follow Jesus as Joaquina did.

Marcela Cáceres

With the management teams of the Vedruna centers: Fe y Alegría Nº 18 and Santa Úrsula.

This pleasant moment allowed us to share experiences and activities, forgetting for the moment about our positions. The joy of sharing with others, rejoicing, enjoying good company and getting to know each other helped us to strengthen the bonds of friendship, a virtue that allows us to share our joys and sorrows with others and strengthen the common objectives that we have as teams guided by the Vedruna Educational Proposal.

With this placid encouragement we have fortified our commitment to continue in this arduous and gratifying work that we have inherited from our patron saint, Saint Joaquina.

Faviola Gonzales

In the Jesús María Human Settlement

The Christian community of the AA.HH. Jesús María, together with the Vedruna Volunteers and the three communities of the Vedruna Laity, we joined in an emotional celebration to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the presence of the Sisters in Peru. This significant event took place in the Sagrada Familia chapel, marking a milestone in the history of this congregation that has dedicated decades to selfless service and charitable work in our country.

The celebration of the Word was presided over with solemnity and devotion by Brother Andrés Muñoz, a member of the community.

Throughout the celebration, moving testimonies were shared from various Christian communities that have benefited from the tireless work of the Sisters. Among the organizations represented were the Vedruna Volunteers, the Catholic Student Youth JEC, Pastoral de la Salud, Cetpro Vedruna, Vedruna Laity, Family Catechesis, Educational Centers.

These testimonies reflect the indelible mark that the Sisters have left over the years, highlighting their commitment to the most needy and their dedication to education, health and pastoral work. The diversity of organizations present demonstrated the breadth of the positive impact that the sisters have achieved through their many social initiatives and programs.

The community joined in appreciation and recognition of these valuable women, highlighting their unconditional love, selfless dedication and constant service to others. The celebration concluded with an atmosphere of joy and gratitude, recognizing that their work continues to be a beacon of hope for many in our society.

Andrés Muñoz

At the Sullana Mother Church

We celebrated a Eucharist to close the many celebrations scheduled for this occasion.

Rolan Castro, and three priest friends, Juan Hernandez, Gabriel and Cristian.

In his homily, Father Rolan, in a very timely manner, recalled some anecdotes and praised the pastoral work of the Srs. Since the family catechesis, his constancy and dedication had helped him personally, he says that “where the sisters were, he rested”.

Organized by the different groups, the celebration was very participative.

At the end of the celebration, congratulations, surprises, recognition of familiar faces from different groups, Christian communities of 9 de Octubre and Sanchez Cerro, teachers, former teachers, workers of both schools, members of the three communities of the Vedruna laity and a nascent community of volunteers in the area of Jesus Maria, religious friends and others began.

Many happy faces, full of gratitude for the work of the Sisters, whose names were parading through our heads. Those of us who are here now, gather the fruit of the seed that, with so much dedication, others sowed in so many areas: pastoral work, schools, neighborhoods, promotion, health, catechesis.

A former student commented “It was like a town festival, the songs were beautiful, with a different style, everything was beautiful”.

And from the mass to the table, a group of teachers lovingly offered us a dinner, where we could share the joy of the celebration.


Cdad. Sullana Sisters