Peru-Sullana. Our arms are stretched out to welcome new brothers and sisters

With great joy and gratitude we share the wonderful experience that we lived on Sunday, November 19, the members of the Vedruna Youth Community of St. Ursula with the students of the 5th year of secondary school.

During this special visit, we were able to witness the manifestation of fundamental values that define our community: fraternity and familiarity, values that inspired the life of Jesus of Nazareth – “you are all brothers and sisters” (Cfr. Mt 23:8) – and the life of Joaquina de Vedruna and the need to embrace the needs of all.

From the moment the 5th grade students arrived at their school, on a different day, Sunday, a warm and welcoming atmosphere was established. Excitement and curiosity were reflected on their faces. As they explored our space, that positive energy quickly integrated with the family atmosphere that characterizes the Vedruna Youth Community.

A beautiful prayer inspired by biblical texts and with images of the different experiences of the Community was the first moment shared. The fraternity was evident in every interaction. The students came together in a spirit of solidarity and mutual support. It was inspiring to see how they shared knowledge, experiences and laughter, as well as fears and doubts; creating genuine connections that transcend age barriers and different educational backgrounds. Familiarity, another core value we embrace, was highlighted in the way the young people were welcomed as members of our Vedruna family.

We thank these students for their enthusiasm and all the members of the Vedruna Youth Community for contributing to this unforgettable experience. We sense that our arms will have to be extended to welcome new brothers and sisters.

Francesca Canterac, coord. of the Cdad, Juvenil Vedruna Sullana