Signs of LIFE are endless in Haiti: A story of hope in the midst of adversity

Every year, at the Vedruna school in Haiti, we have a get-together with the 6th grade students as a farewell to their last year.

We plan and live this experience so that the children, before leaving school, can experience something different from their daily lives and enjoy life, in addition to getting to know another place. Due to the socio-political situation in which the country is immersed, this is the fourth year that we have had to do this activity inside the school.

As the saying goes “in bad weather, good luck”, so we did not stop and took advantage of these three days at the beginning of Holy Week for its realization. We moved to the school and we stayed there, as if we had gone to a boarding house, we set up rooms as dormitories and prepared everything with care and a lot of love.

It was an opportune and very rich time to work on themes of human formation: esteem, puberty, hygiene, values; enriched with some evangelical texts.

Twenty-four out of 25 students participated in the coexistence. One family, fearing insecurity in the country, did not send their daughter.

Each one of them is a life that we want to take care of, lighting the flame of hope, showing them that it is possible to live with dignity and that they have many abilities and skills to offer.

With these sentiments we unite ourselves to Jesus in this paschal triduum of death and resurrection.

Sr. Camila De Jesús, CCV, Vedruna Community in Haiti