Vedrunamércia: “Towards a shared leadership in search and encounter”.

In response to the invitation of the sisters of the provincial team and our commitment as members of this great Vedruna family “delegates, coordinating team and treasurers” of the 12 countries that make up the province Vedrun America, we are gathered in Lima-Peru since May 24 of this month for the provincial assembly.

The Vedruna house, the home designated for our meetings and formation, welcomes us in person and virtually, allowing us to enrich our collaborative work with the contribution of our sisters who for various reasons have not been able to be present in person, as well as the secretaries and support teams.

The openness, availability and desire to walk in synodality among us, is allowing us to “Plan the journey of the Province from the Born Again, strengthening the bonds between us to promote co-responsibly the life in mission of Vedrun-America”.

Sr. María José Meira, councilor of the General Team, through a virtual connection, expresses on behalf of the General Team the greetings and wishes for our provincial assembly. A dynamic and agile methodology allows us to develop the program for these days of the Assembly. Spaces for training, reflection and dialogue enrich the Strategic Plan in order to build together the Provincial Project. Sr. Maureen (USA), present virtually, presented the theme “Women of Hope” and Sr. Daniela Cannavina, Capuchin of Mother Rubato, Secretary General of CLAR, accompanies us with the theme “Leadership in synodal time”. Contents that placed us in the various contexts of social, political, ecclesial and congregational reality to delve into those lights that these scenarios bring us and the reasons for hope that we find.

With the confidence that the Trinity dwells and recreates in us that energizing spirit, we embrace the call that our chapter document Born Again tells us: “the Letting us be born entails commitment on our part. That’s why we feel we are on the way, imagining growth, aware of where we are and where we want to go”. (NdN No. 2).

Our mother Sta. Joaquina always reminds us that “God has taken care of us as he takes care of the birds… All this gives us new life and strength to continue with what we have started”.

Srs. Present at the assembly.