Vinalesa (Spain)- A retreat for young university students

On Sunday, the weather was splendid, spring-like. A group of young university students from the parish of La Asunción de Ntra. Mrs. de Torrent (Valencia), came to spend a day of retreat in our house in Vinalesa. Upon arrival, they were proposed a day of desert, silence and interiority.

The morning started with some relaxation exercises lying on a mat to raise awareness of sensations, awareness of breathing…

The theme of the day was “Walking Toward Wholeness”. Based on Eastern anthropology – body, heart, spirit – they were given clues to follow the path towards interiority: Serenity of the body-Pray for life; Open the heart-Pray with the heart; Nourish the Spirit-Pray in silence, to experience, in deep interiority, God-Love.

Sharing our reflections on the Gospel

They were invited to find a place in the garden to study the gospel of the day, Mark 1:1-8. The document given for reflection helped them to become aware of the three capacities of seeing: the physical eye, which allows them to see what is written; with the eye of intelligence, to understand, to discover the truth; with the eye of faith, enlightened by the Spirit, to be grateful for the presence of God’s love in their life, and to know what God’s dream for them is. Likewise, remember a moment of joy, because by helping those in need, you identify yourself with God-Love.

Dialoguing with the sisters

In the afternoon, we continued with relaxation exercises: savoring, contemplating, hearing, touching.

There was a time to share what we had experienced about the Gospel. The most beautiful and profound part was the communication of the Spirit level that many expressed through a drawing.

When they contacted us, they had expressed the desire to meet St. Joaquina and the sisters, and before Mass, some of them shared their vocation in lively dialogue.

In the church before the remains of Srs. Martyrs

Upon entering the church, Sister Pura Peris spoke to them about the martyred sisters, whose remains are venerated here.

We ended this deeply lived day with thanksgiving in the Eucharist.

Rosa Ortí Mateu, ccv