70 years on the road in Maringá, where many generations passed through the school’s classes learning to love

October 5 marked a truly historic day in the life of the beloved Santa Cruz School, when it was honored by the City Hall of Maringá, Brazil, in commemoration of its 70 years of dedication to the community. The school’s representative at this special event was Sister Virma Barion, the first Brazilian headmistress of the institution, and she proudly received the Municipal Coat of Arms on behalf of everyone. In addition, on this occasion, three outstanding members of the school were selected to receive the Community Merit Diploma in recognition of their long history and their representation of the three key sectors of the school.

The arrival of Sisters Marilei (country delegate), Josefa, Virma, Margarida, Clara, Gracilda and Idalina was greeted with a warm welcome by the Santa Cruz Choir and the contagious joy of students, faculty and staff. During this memorable event, the Sisters also held the official inauguration of the school’s new University Reception and received a valuable Book of Memories that immortalizes 70 years of its rich history.

Sister Virma, who entered the school in 1956, shared her memories and gratitude, noting: “Maringá was in its infancy and only four years after the school was founded. We would like to thank those who, from the beginning of the work, signed up to help. Many people went to school with the intention of becoming educated.”. He highlighted the generations that passed through the school’s classrooms. “Many generations passed through the classes of this school learning to love and gave their lives in different places to spread the love learned.”

Councilwoman Ana Lúcia Rodrigues expressed her satisfaction and honor in honoring the school: “This tribute symbolizes in a striking way the historical role of this institution in the construction of Maringá”. Remember that the school was built with community participation. “The school was built on land donated by a Company, and with the collaboration of the Carmelite sisters, the priest and citizens who solicited donations of building materials from local sawmills and tile factories, they carried out a collective construction.”

He also stressed that “the story of Colegio Santa Cruz is a testament to committed leaders, dedicated teachers and committed families who, together, built an educational institution of excellence. The legacy left by these founders, collaborators and families is an inspiring example of how education can transform lives and positively impact a community.”.

Sisters from Brazil