Dircia Brazoban, singer-songwriter: “My dream is for music to be a generator of peace”.

Dircia Brazoban Brazoban is a composer and singer-songwriter from the Dominican Republic. She writes songs inspired by the Gospel, the life of Saint Joaquina, with pastoral, catechetical, social, educational and environmental content. His songs are sung in many activities and meetings of the Congregation in different countries.

How long have you had contact with music?

From a very young age, at home. I admired my dad who played the guitar, sang songs of his time. I would sit and listen to him for a long time. One of my brothers and a sister. They both played and sang. Of course, they were not professionals, but they were a reference for me. I always wanted to learn to play with them and at some point I gave my little chords; I wrote my own songs and musicalized them in my memory. However, it was when I met the Vedruna Sisters that I was able to realize my desire to learn to play.

What tasks have you performed and which one has given you the most satisfaction?

I have worked as a teacher and catechist. Both have brought me a lot of satisfaction just for the sake of teaching. Music was my main instrument in these tasks. He inspired me and taught me through songs and poems, which he wrote according to the contents to be worked on.

What is your dream, in music, for the future?

My dream is to see that, in a world as convulsed as the one we live in today, music can be a generator of peace, life, hope and harmony. Able to inspire, to transform, to sensitize; aspects that, to our regret, seem to be disappearing in today’s societies.

Your songs were heard in chapter 28 in Vic. We were encouraged at the start of the work. Which one is your favorite?

I like them all, however, I would like to highlight two of them: “Mensajera del amor” and “Ella es Santa Joaquina”.

What would you say to young people today, on the feast of St. Cecilia?

There is a diversity of musical genres and tastes in which today’s young people are immersed. They often disengage them from their reality, immersing them as if in a hypnotic state that does not allow them to see beyond themselves, think or reflect. I would tell today’s young people that, despite the fact that there is a musical genre they identify with, they should open up and value music in its broadest sense. Music has the power to animate, to entertain, to communicate… At the same time, it generates peace, liberates, relaxes; it creates social bonds, very important and necessary aspects for today’s young people, who are often isolated in their own world.

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Letra de la canción: Messenger of Love

Messenger of love, messenger of love, messenger of love.

It is you, Mother Vedruna, messenger of love.

1.-You bring your consolation, your joy and your warmth,

to the poor of the earth in every town and nation. (bis)

2.-Joaquina de Vedruna taught us to walk,

you taught us to share and live in community.

Messenger of love…

3.-You always kept your heart open for the world.

You, Vedruna, led us to meet the Lord.

4.- Today, Joaquina de Vedruna, we will follow your example.

We will serve with love by relieving the sick.