Equatorial Guinea: An Unforgettable Day for Peace and Nonviolence

On January 30, 2024, the Vedruna School of Añisok, located in Equatorial Guinea, witnessed an extraordinary day on the occasion of the International Day of Peace and Nonviolence. The commemorative activities began at 11 a.m., when students from all classes gathered to present a wide variety of artistic expressions focused on promoting peace. Emotional poems, hope-filled songs and vibrant dances were the manifestation of an active commitment to building a more harmonious world.

The enthusiastic participation of the Vedruna educational community not only created a joyful atmosphere, but also left a positive and lasting impact. The diversity of the activities carried out not only highlighted the importance of peace, but also underscored the fundamental role of education and artistic expression in the formation of individuals committed to fundamental values.

The day concluded with a clear moral lesson: cultivating peace is a collective and active commitment. The Vedruna educational community left with a renewed sense of gratitude and responsibility, aware that the promotion of peace is essential for the well-being of all. This event not only strengthened community ties, but also left a lasting impression on the conscience of the students, reaffirming the importance of working together for a more peaceful world…