Haiti – Sharing life, listening with the heart

Taking advantage of this time of Advent, we met with all the people who are making our way in the Vedruna-Haiti mission: the staff of the school, the health center, the water treatment plant and the chicken project. A space to share life.

If we were looking for a definition, we could say that it was a “sharing with all our being and listening with our ears and heart”. It was difficult to hold back the tears, feelings of gratitude for being able to meet, of being part of this Vedruna family, but also of impotence, of fragility, of bewilderment before the situation of insecurity and instability in which the armed gangs have the country.

We divide it into two parts. The first, in three moments. At first we shared how we felt. Then with the symbol of fire, we burned everything we want to leave in 2023, because we feel it does not help us, also in this moment there was space to ask for forgiveness and recognize mistakes; and finally, with the symbol of a big heart and a small one for each participant, we shared what we want and need to take with us for 2024.

In the second part we allow ourselves to be enlightened by the prophet Isaiah in chapter 61, 1-2, 10-11. The prophet led us to recognize the presence of God who consoles us, who breaks our chains and invites us to console, to announce the Good News through gestures such as solidarity and welcome. (Fonds Parisien, at the moment, is one of the sectors where the armed gangs have not entered, which facilitates the arrival of many people from other neighborhoods where the bandits have entered, burning houses, kidnapping people and even killing others).

Finally, we gave thanks to God because we know that we are not alone, that He accompanies us; we also gave thanks for the many people who support us with their prayers and financial contributions that come through the community of sisters.

Sr. Camilla de Jesus, CCV