Interview with the Bishop of Vic, Mr. Román Casanova: Hope in the Land of Saints

In an interesting interview, the Bishop of Vic, Don Román Casanova, shared his thoughts on the diocese and its current challenges. The city of Vic, belonging to the province of Barcelona in Catalonia, stands out for its deep Christian history and its association with our Vedruna Family.

Don Roman mentioned the importance of maintaining hope and effort in the midst of secularization and the lack of vocations to the priesthood and religious life facing the diocese. However, he highlighted the presence of seven saints linked to Vic and how this has led to the city being known as the “City of Saints”.

The Bishop stressed the importance of welcoming all cultures and ethnic groups into society, promoting integration and respect among all. He emphasized the role of the Gospel in promoting the unity and dignity of all people, regardless of their origin.

Regarding young people, Don Roman expressed the importance of accompanying them and offering them time and listening, seeking to maintain their active participation in the Church even after events such as WYD (World Youth Day), which will be held in Lisbon this year and which he will be able to attend. He also emphasized the importance of evangelizing without fear, showing Jesus Christ as the foundation of life and hope.

The interview concluded with Don Roman’s wish that the Vedruna Family will continue to work in evangelization and that they will find effective ways to bring young people closer to God in a world that often distances them from the faith.

From Vic, Don Román Casanova shared his hope and conviction in the message of the Gospel, seeking that the message of Christ reaches all hearts in need of hope and love.