Keys for Advent I (VedrunAmerica): the community biogarden of the women of the upper community of El Ermitaño

We begin Advent with VedrunAmerica, who in the midst of uncertain times show us an alternative way of living from our Christian identity. In the coming weeks we will publish reflections for this important liturgical season, prepared by the various Provinces and the Delegation of the Philippines and the Laity. This first installment is accompanied by the experience of the biogardens of the women of the upper community of El Ermitaño (Lima – Peru):

We are living in a troubled time in our world and in our communities. We have not found adequate ways to live, in an alternative way, our community life. Apathy and discouragement are sometimes companions along the way. Let us take advantage of the Advent season to review all this.

In Laudate Deum Pope Francis makes a palpable analysis and invites us to reflect and take different positions in relation to the Planet. He denounces naive interpretations, such as blaming the poor for the situation, and invites:

  • Do not ignore the signs that ecology is giving us that we are mistreating the environment.
  • Rethinking the use of power that destroys.
  • To realize the international fragility to solve problems and that we have to start from how fragile and small we are.
  • Help rethink and accompany COP 28 in Dubai (November 30 to December 12).

Our Chapter Document invites us to be born again.

Synodality invites us to new relationships.

  • The reflection and experiences of new ecology that are taking place in some schools with children and adolescents. We believe it promises us a new future if there is awareness from childhood.
  • Activists who are working to plant trees in large and small places, even in the neighborhoods of our cities.
  • The selective collection of disposable materials in some cities, as a result of our struggle and demand. Household education on the proper separation of garbage.

One of the pots made up of women from the upper community of Ermitaño (Lima – Peru), which we have accompanied throughout the pandemic and continue to accompany today, motivated by a planting of shrubs, started a community bio garden and here are some photos of it. Currently, they are giving another color to the grayish hill, they are producing vegetables to eat in the pot and they are learning to cultivate and organize themselves as a group.