Strengthening the group of Sisters in Venezuela: Reflections on shared life in the May country assembly

On May 6 and 7, the country assembly was held in the Cdad. Carmel of Caracas, in a mixed manner, with the participation of 13 sisters; 9 in person (3 communities) and 4 online (1 community), accompanied by Sr. Noeli Massoni.

A meeting full of joy and hugs that remind us of the sense of fraternity and the warmth of the family.

We began with a short time of prayer led by Sr. Trina Hernandez, who, recalling some phrases and writings of St. Teresa of Jesus, invited us to ask God himself “not to lose the Good Jesus”.

Subsequently, Sr. Maria Serrano, delegate of the country, opened the assembly by encouraging us to live the coming time as an ‘opportunity’.

Then Sr. Noelí motivated us to share the life of the communities, with simplicity and trust. We personally expressed the reality that we have experienced in this time full of farewells of sisters, of changes, of diversity of activities, of limitations, in decrease of HH and forces; at the same time we highlighted the deep sense of faith, hope, joy and spirit of service lived and shared.

Sr. Maria Serrano shared different aspects of the life of the Congregation in the country. He presented a summary of the work carried out by the national management team, highlighting the progress made at each educational center. Faced with the realities of each educational center, he invited us to look to the future, to question our solidarity with the personnel, and to live as a challenge to work with the laity and the Vedruna Laity in different missions and projects at the inter-congregational level, as well as in ongoing discernment.

About the reflection of the Charismatic Family, he invited us to participate actively, as well as to integrate each group with which we share the Vedruna Mission.

He also presented the report that the province will take to Chapter XXVIII, with the lights, shadows and opportunities.

Thanking God for the arrival of Sr. Carmen Alicia to the country and so many signs of life, delicious food, and so many people praying for this country Assembly ended this first day of the Assembly.

On Sunday, with the joy and hope of the women of the dawn, we participated in the Eucharist and delved into the economic reality of the country. In an atmosphere of reflection we confirmed the call, from the Gospel and from the intuition of St. Joaquina “to live by work, to seek the common good, and to be co-responsible in the care and maintenance of goods”.

There are many challenges ahead of us, but also much gratitude for so much life reflected, shared and projected.

Sr. Yasmín Montero, CCV