The Vedruna Family joins this March 22 in the day of prayer for Haiti

Where are your brother and sister?” is a question that echoes insistently in our minds in the face of the reality of chaos and violence, especially in recent weeks, where the social and humanitarian situation has worsened considerably. In our hearts we feel a deep indignation for the apparent lack of solutions that Haiti is experiencing and how the solution lies in the will of foreign forces that have in their hands the way out. However, we do not want to give up hope of finding a peaceful solution soon.

In Haiti, the sisters of our Vedruna community are engaged in the work of the educational, healing and liberating mission, giving their lives to this cause. They are currently in the Dominican Republic, waiting for the situation to normalize so that they can return to Fond Parisien.

Images of the Vedruna school in Fonds Parisien, near the border with the Dominican Republic.

Because of this situation that the country is going through, we join as VEDRUNA FAMILY, to the invitation of CLAR, CELAM and Caritas to join the day of prayer for Haiti. We propose to all communities and individuals who wish not to overlook Friday, March 22 and to dedicate a community or personal prayer for this country of America.