Vedruna lay men and women from the four continents share their motivation for the Vedruna Charism

In the garden of the Claretian Fathers at the headquarters in Vic, we met with Vedruna lay men and women from different parts of the world to talk about their experience as lay members of the congregation. The purpose of this interview, conducted by Sister Rosa María Gurría, was to highlight the role of the laity and to give visibility to their commitment to the charism of St. Joaquina.

During the interview, each of them introduced themselves and shared what it means to them to be Vedruna laity. Mamen, from the Cal de la Bahía community in Cádiz, spoke about her work as General Coordinator and her service at the Vedruna Residence for the Elderly.

Diogenes, who comes from Colombia and is responsible for the laity in his country, highlighted how rediscovering the Christian values present in St. Joaquina brought him closer to the people and those most in need. Gonzalo, a lawyer and conflict mediator in Zaragoza, Spain, said that being a layperson gives him the opportunity to live in community and share experiences with friends.

Joan, a primary school teacher in Terrassa, Barcelona, spoke about how he shares the charism of St. Joaquina with his students and co-workers. Charo from Celendín, in the northern highlands of Peru, is a primary school teacher. She stressed that being a layperson is a way of life that implies defending the common home and living synodality in the workplace and in the different places where she is.

Cynthia is the Coordinator of the Laity in India, for her being a Vedruna laywoman means to love Jesus and people in poverty and without privileges. Alicia, from the community of Alcoy in Spain, is also a primary school teacher and considers being a lay Vedruna as a life choice that permeates all her activities and relationships with people.

This inspiring interview shows us the commitment and dedication of the Vedruna laity in different parts of the world, who carry forward the charism of St. Joaquina in their daily lives, providing love, service and care to others.

In the cover photo, from right to left are Diógenes Cabrera, Charo Alvarado, Joan Prunes, Gonzalo Embid, Mamen Barrena, Cynthia Pinto and Alicia Jordá representing the Vedruna Laity.