Vedrunamerica. Today, like Joaquina, united with so many other women, we commit ourselves to the struggle and defense of life and equality.

On this day when all over the world we raise our voices for so many women who have no voice, who are trampled in their dignity, in their fundamental rights such as the lack of access to education, health care, natural resources, to a life with equal work and labor rights, to have a social leadership according to their capabilities, to the freedom to be a person….

In this day and age when you have to face sexual violence and harassment, physical violence, even being victims of human trafficking…

As a religious congregation that was born for the defense of women, it responded to young women who wanted to follow Jesus and to give education to so many young women who had no access to education.

Today, on the move with other women, driven by the latest chapter document Born Again , which invites us to

“Engage in women’s movements that are involved in creating healthy relationships, actively working to eradicate inequality, abuse or indifference in society and in the Church.” NdN 2.4. p.18

“We feel we are part of a large family in which women have made a decisive commitment to life.” NdN9

And today, like Joaquina, we want to continue participating with women in processes of promotion and liberation. NdN 20

From the Peruvian jungle, Doña Alicia del Aguila, a brave woman, raises her voice from her own reality. Let’s listen to this interview.

Sr. Isabel Miguélez, CCV