VEDRUNAMERICA. We feel Joaquina’s arms embrace us and lengthen

The celebration of the 198th anniversary of the founding of the Congregation in the 12 countries that make up the Vedrun-America province has been like a river in flood, enriching the places through which it flows.

Large and small, youth groups, parish groups, educational centers, sisters and laity, from any country and in any corner of our province have resounded the 198 years as a family gathering, celebration, prayer, sharing, celebration … A waste of creativity, joy, enthusiasm.

The words of our last general chapter come true, “it is God who is born to us, and this birth is possible for every person regardless of age, physical condition or the vital moment in which he/she finds himself/herself”. NdN 1, “We speak of embracing that way of being that gives us back the value of faith in the small, in the germinal, that places us from below and from within.NdN 7.

It comes true because life is greater than death, growth is greater than decline. Our strength is rooted in Jesus who teaches us to know how to look, to open our eyes and hearts to new forms, to new styles, to new ways of feeling family.

It is a call to enlarge our tent and to welcome in it a multitude of sisters and brothers from different places, races, ethnicities, cultures, countries, …

Thank you because in AMERICA WE ARE BORN AGAIN!

Sr. Isabel Miguélez, CCV