VENEZ VOIR: A cultural day at Vedruna elementary school, celebrating art and diversity

On Friday, January 26th, Vedruna Elementary School witnessed a cultural day full of emotion and talent, where members of the school community gathered to celebrate cultural diversity through various activities. The day began with a moving opening prayer, symbolizing unity and peace among the different classes represented.

Throughout the morning, words of wisdom were shared highlighting the importance of culture in our society. The students recited traditional texts, poems and original songs, offering an enriching vision of the cultural diversity of our community.

Comedy also had its place, with humorous performances that highlighted cultural differences in a fun and lighthearted way. Laughter and smiles strengthened the bonds among the participants.

The day continued with captivating song and dance performances, immersing the audience in the rhythms and graceful movements of different cultures around the world. This experience allowed everyone to appreciate the beauty and diversity present in the different traditions.

Finally, the day culminated with a moment of sharing and conviviality, where participants exchanged ideas during a meal consisting of dishes representative of different cultures. This cultural day was a true ode to the diversity and richness of the traditions that make up our community, fostering understanding, mutual respect and celebrating the valuable contribution of all.

In short, the day was an invitation to travel through culture, art and tradition, reflecting the beauty and richness of our world. He demonstrated once again that diversity is a unifying and enriching force. We eagerly anticipate the next Cultural Day.

Sister Chanceline Kayongo Mbele, Director of the school