Venezuela. This is our moment: to accompany the life of the centers and to strive to “win the hearts of our students”.

We are happy to inform you that during the month of November, the country’s Management Team has been accompanying the centers that, throughout the country, educate with the ENP approach.

We are convinced that Joaquina de Vedruna knew how to accompany the lives of her children and the girls, she urged the Sisters, educators in the faith, to make an effort to “win the heart” so that the girls would discover the love of God.

It has been a joy to visit the Vedruna schools at the beginning of the school year, to listen to the educational actors. Orienting in the pedagogical and pastoral view has made us see that accompanying the Life of a Vedruna Center is an invitation, directed to all of us who are part of the School, to joyfully live the commitment to a humanizing educational action that announces the God of Life. We are called to be a word of life and hope from the reality that each one of us lives, a balm that heals the wounds of each person that the Good Jesus puts in our path.

During these visits, we held a discussion in each center with the personnel, where we concluded that we are called to create educational communities where the liberating and humanizing power of Jesus can be glimpsed. From the charisma we have received, we are witnesses and called to be the light that radiates the message that marks the pastoral pedagogical motto of this school year: “70 years sowing love that never says enough”.Because when it is welcomed, lived and communicated with the passion of those who have been seduced by Him, it is then that we renew in the Center the pastoral educational outlook that has been developed over the years thanks to the fidelity, responsibility and gratuity of the educators who make the mission come alive.

We are convinced that our evangelizing task must be driven by teamwork and networking.

This is our moment, that is why we have been encouraging each center to look together, to join efforts, to share projects where each one is responsible for adding and illuminating the reality that surrounds us.

Prof. Giclis Santamaria