Anniversary of St. Joaquina’s Easter: Voices from the XXVIII General Chapter

On this special day, on which we commemorate the anniversary of the Easter of our Saint Joaquina, we are immersed in the moving echo of the recent General Chapter XXVIII. A meeting that invited the Chapter Sisters to explore, reflect and strengthen the bonds of the Congregation in a unique and profound way.

From Asia to Europe, from Africa to the Americas, the voices of our sisters resounded with gratitude and excitement as they shared their experiences during the chapter and sent their congratulations for this day.

I thank God through our Blessed Mother Joaquina for the gift of an enriching and renewing experience of this chapter. I will also return home with a greater awareness of co-responsibility for the present and future of our Delegation and Congregation.

Nelly Tianchon


Participating in the General Chapter has been a demanding, happy and intense experience. An experience in which it is possible to see that the Congregation beats in different colors and has diverse and harmonious sounds. Congratulations on this day of celebration!

Luisa Mª Armenta


The Lord has said: “My grace is sufficient for you, because my strength is fully realized in the weak…. When I feel weak, that is when I am the strongest”. Cor2,9-109

In the General Chapter I am experiencing intensely that God works in my weakness Hallelujah!

Ryoko Hasunuma


Thank you because the Chapter has been an invitation to learn, to be open, to understand, discover and embrace the sacredness of the moment.

It has led me to open my eyes, my mind, my heart and to live my daily life with passion and love for our Vedruna family.

Amali Savarimuthu


I am overcome with an overwhelming feeling of joy and gratitude for the privilege of participating in the 28th General Chapter, a moment of Grace in my life. It has been a process of germination, of life improvement, of blossoming and of becoming a new person to respond to the realities of our time.

Rubina D’Mello


I thank God for this Chapter event, trusting that the Holy Rauh will bring us the news. On the anniversary of St. Joaquina’s Easter, we wish to continue to respond to the good Jesus who calls us unceasingly to be born again and I congratulate the entire Vedruna family with warm greetings full of Caribbean affection.

Marisol Sánchez Páez

Rep. Dominican

On this anniversary of St. Joaquina’s Easter, the words of these Chapter Sisters envelop us with a deep sense of connection and gratitude. The XXVIII General Chapter becomes a living testimony to the vibrant vitality of the Congregation and invites us to join in celebrating this inspiring heritage that has been bequeathed to us.