Brazil – Sisters’ Assembly: time for awareness, review and projection

From December 27 to 31, we held our country assembly, with the theme: Born Again.

On the first day we started our opening with many reunions, music, spirituality, symbols and a lot of illusion to live this meeting. The song Faz-nos Nascer de Novo in Portuguese, by Ain Karen, gave the beginning, then we listened to the reading of John 3, Jesus’ dialogue with Nicodemus. We had the joy of receiving in our hands our much dreamed of chapter document “Born Again”.

As a symbolic commitment to live with fidelity and hope this new moment of our congregation, we planted a seed, with the desire to let it fertilize, grow and be born in our midst.

The following days, we reminisced about our life in mission, with its joys and challenges. We emphasize our continued commitment to the Vincentian Youth Ministry and vocational culture, to the Inter-Congregational and to the mission with indigenous peoples. We had a space for respectful listening so that each one of us could express how we were feeling about the realities presented.

Margarida and Marilei, together with Noeli (online), introduced us to the country’s economy and helped us to know and become aware of the congregational reality. This report aroused many feelings in us and a greater awareness of belonging to the Vedruna family.

During this time of deepening we received the visit of some friends and Vedruna laity. We were delighted with the presence of Cícera, coordinator of the Vedruna laity in Brazil, who shared our journey together as a Charismatic family.

Sr. Maria do Socorro Vieira, CCV