Clara Schlickmann: “A positive mind is very important in the healing process of a pathology”.

Clara Schlickmann does not deny conventional medicine (“allopathic”, as she calls it), but believes that, in many cases, it is appropriate to combine it with natural techniques and with new currents that explore the interrelation between psychology and physical well-being. Based on these premises, Schlickmann developed the therapy of Unblocking Muscle Knots, after experiencing first-hand the healing power of “biomagnetism”. As a Vedruna, she recognizes herself in Joaquina’s “natural intuition to care for and cure the sick, out of total love”.

Why should we celebrate World Health Day this April 7?

World Health Day is a date created in 1948 by the World Health Organization, whose objective is to raise public awareness of serious and relevant issues, such as the construction of public policies aimed at the well-being of the population. We need to learn to take care of ourselves and to be informed of our rights in relation to health. The proposed theme for this year 2024 is “My health, my right”.

“Integrative health”, massage therapy, reiki… are issues that do not fit into the scientific community’s notion of medicine. Probably, a negative vision is also influenced by all kinds of frauds committed by people who promise miraculous and impossible solutions. Knowing these and many other objections, why do you defend these alternative medical views?

Integrative health consists of integrating two scientific visions: allopathy and quantum health. Currently, new possibilities for therapeutic intervention are being created between the two scientific approaches. In general terms, allopathy is considered a therapeutic system that treats pathologies, through medications, with specific actions on the symptoms. The vision of the new science considers all the information and vibration of the quantum field in organisms. Its analysis and treatment process is prior to any installed pathology and its symptoms. This considers all cellular toxicity, where an intoxicated organism is an open door for pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites) to proliferate rapidly. These pathogens form perfect communities where they are sustained and supported, attacking the human organism, developing new pathologies. The intervention of the new science has a preventive purpose, so that mankind may have a better quality of health. In addition, it is necessary to consider the field of emotions: if these are negative, caused by psychological suffering throughout the history of life, they leave the PH extremely acidic in some parts of the body, and extremely alkaline in others, causing dysfunctions in the organism, prone to new pathologies.

In the quantum area, it is about cleansing or better, detoxifying the cellular organism of heavy metals, agrotoxins, pesticides, aflatoxins, killing pathogens, correcting PH, eliminating emotional toxicities from the cells, reprogramming negative emotions, limiting beliefs, negative mind and its vibratory field, etc. In the quantum area we have natural therapies that help, such as reiki, biomagnetism, bioenergetics, flower remedies, family constellations, massage therapy, hands without borders, applied bioenergetic and biomagnetic reprogramming, psychotherapy, etc.

Does all this you tell have any kind of official recognition?

In Brazil, many natural therapies are approved by law and are offered in the SUS – Unified Health System. All natural therapies are integrative and when applied help to modify the vibratory field of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems, helping the person to regain health.

I emphasize the great importance of a positive mind in the healing process of a pathology. When a person changes the frequency of the mind, i.e., their negative thinking to positive, their SPIN turns clockwise, carrying light energy in hertz for their entire cellular organism, oxygenating the physical body systems, restoring health. Ultimately, in my opinion, the two sciences need to unite, in the great contribution that each has to the healing of humanity. The difficulty lies in national and international policies.

What has been your personal experience with this type of alternative currents? How can it be explained that a Vedruna nun became a reference specialist?

My personal experience with integrative therapies was one of great searching along the way. I worked for a long time in the formation of young people, in catechesis in parishes, in the follow-up of those who were being formed for the Vedruna consecrated life. In 1998 I graduated in Philosophy, I taught in Secondary School for a year, it was like a nightmare for me. Not finding myself in this area, I set out to find new paths that would make sense for my existence. In 2008 I took a technical course in massage therapy, in which I found myself deeply, because I was already releasing the restriction of muscle pain, by intuition in people who asked for it. Even I didn’t know how it happened, but the pain was getting better. During the massage therapy I felt the need to understand psychological suffering, that pain in the human soul, which somatizes in the form of pain in the physical body. In 2013 I finished my degree in Psychology, which gave me a large arsenal of tools to understand the human mind and its emotional complexes, somatized and activated in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. This career gave me the chance to help people give new meaning to their stories. Slowly, I began to understand that physical pain is a somatization process throughout life, from conception to the present. In 2013 I discovered biomagnetism therapy and fell in love!

What was this discovery like?

I had a diagnosis of depression and bipolar, which I treated for 9 years, unable to stop taking medication. Through several sessions of biomagnetism treatment, I was able to correct the PH dysfunction, feeling lively and symptom-free. About a month after the therapy, the psychiatrist decided to stop the medication and keep me under observation. To my great surprise, I managed to completely get rid of the depressive symptoms and mood swings (I had already tried to stop the medication three times and the symptoms returned and consequently I had to go back on the medication). I managed to stay very stable with the biomagnetism treatment. So, it has been eleven years since I had depressive symptoms and mood swings. It is important to note that there is no cure for bipolar disorder in allopathic medicine. I am living proof of this biomagnetic pair treatment, discovered by Dr. Isaac Góis Durán, Mexican. In 2014 I studied a postgraduate degree in Quantum Physics and Health . That study completed my search for higher quality help in integrative therapies. In this course I managed to elaborate a method that helps to unblock muscular restrictions and pain; I have been developing this intuitively, in practice, and studying its scientific bases in neuroscience and psychology. I called this therapy TEDNOMUS, Therapy for Unblocking Muscle Knots.

Muscle Knot UnblockingTherapy ?

Since 2020 the patent is approved, thus giving me the possibility to give courses, train new therapists, with professional qualification in massage therapy. In 2019 I participated in a course on “Biomagnetic reprogramming technique and applied bioenergetics “. in the area of kinesiology. This technique opened new treatment horizons for me. It gave me the depth and the possibility to investigate in the information field of each being. Because in our DNA are all the records of past suffering that prevent us from being free of our conflicts, whether emotional, mental, spiritual or physical. Having the possibility of asking the body of the person being treated in the information field… Is there a conflict? And the body responds by shortening or straightening the right leg, according to the polarity with which each person is constituted. These conflicts can be: pain, emotions, sensations, pathologies, limiting beliefs…. I can reprogram them. Eliminating this information gives an immense lightness to life.

I do not consider myself an expert in the area, but I see great results in these treatments using natural techniques that are combined with allopathic treatments, that is why they are called integrative. It should be neither one nor the other, but each individual case, procedures and outcome predictions should be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

How do you connect all this with your Vedruna charism?

Joaquina de Vedruna had this natural intuition to care for and cure the sick, out of total love. I carry within me the strength of his charism, this passionate love for human life. I carry in my cultural blood and in my indigenous maternal lineage this natural gift of loving without measure. When I discovered in Joaquina this gift of healing in the unconditional love of Christ, I identified deeply. I can say that his gift resonates to this day drawing people to his charismatic following.

In most parts of the world, health has become a major concern. product, an object to be bought and sold, a vision completely distant from the idea of traditional medicine. What do you think is in the hands of citizens to push for a fairer medicine and fairer care society?

In my opinion, the vast majority of us live in capitalist societies, where human and social values need to be rescued. Capital in the hands and control of a few, brutalizes today’s societies to the point of believing that they are masters of the world. They want to reduce the planetary population with violent forces such as wars, epidemics, catastrophes, as if human life on this earth were worthless. This small world group wants to determine life on the planet. I think it is up to us to become aware of this evil and not add mental force of destruction through revolt. Our mission is to rescue the life of humanity in all the spaces and environments where we operate.

Joaquina de Vedruna urges us, when we work in public service, to look at people, like a pile of extinguished embers, and that each one imagines Jesus telling them: “Look at this coal, you have to light it, if you want to give me glory; if you really love me, I will help you” (Nonell II, p.169). Joaquina intuits an integral ecological vision, through the positive power of the mind, of faith, of unconditional love, capable of restoring lives and stimulating the potential of the being.