Cuba: Vedruna Laity revives charism in Palma Soriano

In the town of Palma Soriano, where the Vedruna Sisters ceased to reside a few years ago, a group of Vedruna Laity keeps alive the essence of the charism, enkindled in the love of Jesus.

This group is composed of more than 14 women who, with firmness, dedication and fidelity to the Lord, are committed to witnessing to and materializing the principles expressed in the last chapter document: “We must be born again”.

In Cuba, we find ourselves being reborn daily as a family and as a congregation, thanks to the commitment of these women in their parish. They stand out for their ongoing formation at the congregational, ecclesial and social levels, drawing directly from the source of the charism and experience of Joaquina, who, for them, is a living witness in the following of Jesus.

Following the words of the psalmist, we reiterate: “The Lord has been great with us and we rejoice!

Sister Sagrario Cantalejo, CCV