Motivation and orientation seminar for tenth and twelfth grade Ahwa students.

In Ahwa, Deep Darshan boarding schools for boys and girls conducted a two-day seminar on motivation and career guidance for tenth and twelfth graders.The seminar was conducted by young people belonging to the Holy Family Parish of Mumbai.

Children in the tribal region need a lot of motivation to seek a better future through education. They need to see and hear about other possibilities and career fields they can choose from.

Through various activities, games and group work, students were provided with information about the options available after grades 10 and 12, and how to set and achieve goals in life.

All students participated with great interest and desire to learn, understanding how their choice and effort influence their future. They were encouraged to consider possibilities that would improve not only their own lives, but also how they can contribute to society.

It was a moment of unity for them, and through various games, they expressed much of their thinking and creativity.

The seminar concluded with each of them expressing that they are now ready to start planning their future studies and what they need to do to achieve their dreams.

The Mumbai youth shared their own personal experiences on how they managed to become computer engineers, chartered accountants, architects and managers. Each of them shared not only their successes, but also the difficulties they faced to get to where they are today, and the challenges they overcame.